Kahula orphan

From Stargate LRP

Location LAS70N Objective Return the infant Caluu to it's people.
Personnel Team Wellington and Dr.Kibble

The infant was acquired by members of Team Wellington while on a mission to an auction world to acquire parts, or information about the Sun Device.

Unsure as to how the infant would react to multiple gate travels, Sergei and Maj. Masters remained on the auction world until a course of action could be decided. They were joined by Freeman upon his return from the Sem, and a doctor, and gated from the auction world to the world of the Caluu. It was night when we arrived, and perhaps, from an aesthetic point of view, this was best, for we could see the Caluu in all their colourful glory.

As it was dark, we couldn't see the full make up of the local flora, but there was grass, and trees, although the world seemed colder than the Delta site. The Caluu themselves were not far from the gate, possibly attracted by curiosity towards it's activation. They are reminiscent, to my mind at least, of the 'Rovers' from the TV Series 'The Prisoner', just smaller. They were more or less spherical in shape, changing slightly as the wind caught them, or as they moved around. Their skin seemed to be primarily white or cream, but they had some inner luminescence, which varied in colour from green and yellow, through blue, to orange or red.

They seem to be able to communicate among themselves via some form of telepathy, but had to make physical contact to speak to us. They were very grateful to have their lost young returned to them, and were keen to speak with us. They are, or seem to be, a highly intelligent species, capable of slow transport through space without the aid of spacecraft. They were also keen to find out about us, and most commonly asked us our favourite colour. However, not being pure scientists, a lot of what they said to us was beyond our scientific knowledge, and much of what they asked was likewise beyond our ability to answer.

Consequently we discussed the matter among ourselves, and decided to request the presence of Dr. Kibble. They Caluu must have been listening in somehow to our conversation, as when he arrived, we heard much chattering among those Caluu we were talking with, which roughly translated at “The Kibble! The Kibble”.

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Report by Allan Freeman

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