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General Overview

Very basically they are, or rather I believe were, a race who existed back when the Ancients were also around. They seem to have been based on the edge of the galaxy.

They did a lot of experiments into things that the Ancients disapproved of and we have seen some of those things and possibly why. Their technology seems to at the very least make Ancients uncomfortable and I don't know how much that coloured their thinking on the matter or if they are more sensitive to something 'bad' than us, though do have an ugg factor but that maybe because they look like a pile of manure! I suppose it is even possible the Keb made their things that way to keep Ancients away from them.. I have not as yet seen anything other than ancients saying their research is bad and they should stop. I know Sergi got to the stage he couldn't or wouldn't go close to a Keb item when he was close to ascending. I would council not using any of their items until we know a lot more about them, they do seem to have world or universe shattering effects and not in a good way.


I have managed to translate, very roughly some of the few bits of written Keb we have found but only because there was a translation into ancient of some key phrases. Even Kesesh does not read or speak Keb and his linguistic skills far out strip my own. The language is a magnitude more complicated than any I have come across, even Ancient seems easy in comparison but then ancient is at least one of the bases of one of our languages groups all be it a long way back. Keb seems very much a concept language which makes it even more difficult when we do not understand many of the concepts and metaphors they were working from so I would warn that any translation that is done may be wildly wrong.

Biological makeup

I have no real idea what they looked like, what happened to them or anything much more than the few artefacts and writings we have acquired.

To be honest Keresh doesn't know a lot about them either, he has only come across a few bits and pieces on digs over the years, so pretty much all the information I have is what I and others here have worked out.

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