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[ Keser Lewis]

[[lib_exe/|File:Keser2.jpg]] Full Name: Keser Riannan Lewis Department: Intelligence Rank: N/A Clearence: UKGC03 Status: Decesased Assignment: Leader, Team Baldwin Birthplace: near Kirkuk, Iraq

♦ File Note : Keser Lewis bonded with a Tokra named Keresh. She was taken by pestilence and then tortured by Gou'ald being killed and brought back to life over 20 times. When rescued her and Keresh's mental state appeared to deteriorate and we were later informed this was due to use of a hand device. WE failed to find a solution in time to fix her before Keresh turned and joined pestilence and as far as we can tell became a Gou'ald.

In the end when trying to escape from the super system we were trapped in I sedated and killed Keresh in this process Keser Lewis also died. I believe at the end Keser had taken control of her body as she walked out and put up no fight. Dr James Kibble

[ Biographical Overview:]

Prior to recruitment to UKGC Keser was part of JTAC, on long term secondment from GCHQ. She is an expert in language analysis and profiling specializing in the middle east. 

She is knowledgeable of most of the languages of the middle east both modern and ancient forms as well as the language of the Ancients and Goa'uld. She has knowledge of other off world civalizations and races both living and dead. Also experienced in field work archeology.

Promoted to Duty Officer since the third active cycle Acting head of Psychology from shortly after the end of active cycle 2 till active cycle 5 Has also been the primary liaison with the Toc’Ra

She is currently demoted to UKGC03 and confined to base after becoming host to the Tok’Ra symbiot Keresh.

Kidnapped by Pestilence 29th March 2007. Rescued, 20th April by UKGC personnel when she was put up for auction.

[ Certifications:]

Small arms Medium arms Zat’Nik’Tel

[ Professional Qualifications:]

2.1/1st in Ancient History from Cambridge PHD in Early Semitic Languages Phd in Psychology

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