Konrad Shultz

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Department Security Position Security Personnel


Alias / AKA Status Inactive
Key Skills
  • Guide de Haute Montagne Militaire
  • Heeresbergfuhrer
  • Expert Unarmed
  • Melee weapons.
  • Support Weapons
  • Linguistics Italic, Semitic, Niger-Congo, Japanese. Native German.
  • Navigation
Rank Hauptgefreiter

Biographical Information

  • Full Name: Konrad Shultz
  • Birthplace: Bavaria

Attended Heidelburg University studying Linguistics

A polyglot veteran Mountain Warfare Instructor and heavy weapons specialist.

Service History

  • Age 20-35: 2e Regiment Etranger Engie, Groupement Commando de Montagne rising to Sergent-Chef
  • 2011 Returned to Bavaria. National Service in Gebirgjagerbrigade 23 assigned as Instructor in Mountain Warfare School in Bad Reichenhall
  • 2012 Signs up as Bundeswehr Regular to allow foreign Service in Afghanistan
  • 2017 Assigned to SEF

Notable Activities

  • Rotation 47: Assigned as HMG crew with Stabsunteroffizier Schwinghammer. Waves of insect people attacks sent by Gou'ald Ozymandias allowed efficient use of HMG. Kill count into triple figures.
  • Rotation 48: Not deployed.
  • Rotation: 49 Deployed
  • Rotation 50: Punch-up on the moonbase.

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