Laura waterhouse

From Stargate LRP

Full Name: WATERHOUSE, Dr Laura Charlotte Department: Intelligence Rank: — Clearance: Uncertain Status: Active

Birthdate: 17th July 1975

Biographical Overview: Father: WATERHOUSE, Robert - Teacher, former Naval Signals Officer deceased 1991. Mother: WATERHOUSE nee MACARDLE, Megan - housewife, deceased 1987. Other relatives: WATERHOUSE, Duncan (brother).

Certifications: BSc (Hons) Mathmatics (Magdalen College, Oxford) (1991 - 2003) MA. Arabic (Magdalen College, Oxford) (1991 - 2003) MSc. Mathematics (Magdalen College, Oxford)(1991 - 2003) PhD. Applied Mathmatics (Magdalen College, Oxford) (1991 - 2003)

HMG Security Cleared (SC) clearance to expire Decmber 21st, 2015. Small Arms Training (HMAF, 2002)

Employment History: GCHQ, (2002 - 2009) - Head of Arabic Cryptoanalysis Section, Middle East Desk. Magdalen College, Oxford (2002 - 2009: part time) Lecturer in Mathmatics and Arabic.

Programme Relevance: Dr Laura Waterhouse is a highly trained cryptoanalyst with security clearance up to NATO Secret including both DV and CTC clearance. Has performed five tours of duty with the Marines in the Middle East, twice to Afghanistan, once to Israel, once to Iran and once to Iraq. Was tasked with the analysis of the July 7th bombings intelligence gathered prior and post event. As yet unassigned to a team within the SEF.

Current knowledge level: Her current exposure to Alien races is limited to the Asharak that was impersonating the Russian Colonel and the race known as the Silvalis. She does know a certain amount about the Go'auld and the programme in general.

Weapons skills: Dr Laura Waterhouse is trained in the use of small weapons as required by her tours of duty with the Marines. She has also a basic understanding of the rudimentary components of both karate and escrima but does not profess any proficiency in either discipline.


Dr Laura Waterhouse is fluent in Arabic and Hebrew, French, Italian and English. She has very good knowledge of Aramaic, Ancient Sanskirt and Ancient Persian, though her knowledge of Coptic base languages is limited. Most of the mathmatical analysis of language has been done on the Arabic language sector, and she has a mathmatical fromula that can transte any current coded language by means of cipher-substitution.

Pyshcological Evaluation: Dr Laura Waterhouse is of the Goth subtype within culture. However, she is decidely less morbid than a lot of other indivduals in this subtype. She is also a fan of eighties music in general, indicating a more perky side to her nature. During her PhD she was attacked brtually by her ex-fiance and was hospitalised for a long period of time, but it seems to have done no lasting damage to her mental faculties nor increased any trauma around guns. Her stabilising influence seems to have been her brother Duncan.