Malcolm Drake

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Department Weapons and Armour Technology Position Security Personnel



Alias / AKA Drake, Mac. Status Active
Key Skills
  • Pistols
  • Small Arms
  • Support Weapons
  • Basic Unarmed Combat
  • Basic Melee Weapons
  • Alien Weapon Principles
    • Goa'uld
  • Navigation
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Armourer
  • Pilot
    • Medium Earth Naval
Rank Lance Corporal (OF-3)

Biographical Information

Full Name: Malcolm Drake.
Service: Royal Navy.

Service History

Joined the Royal Navy. Trained as a Weapons Engineer
Promoted to Leading Seaman.
Passed selection for the Royal Marines, taking the rank of Private.
On loan to SBS
On loan to SFSG - F company as an RTO

Various operations in Afghanistan, Philippines, Democratic Republic of Congo and Iraq

March 2017
Assigned to the SEF, Boscombe Security

Notable Activities

  • Operation 49: S

- 13th-15th October 2017
Not deployed with main force. Earth Security and Logistical support.

  • Operation 50: S.E.

- 19th-21st January 2018
Diplomatic talks on Delphi Base. Not deployed with main force. Guarding duty for General Kincaid.

  • Operation 51: T.A.C.

- 11th-13th May 2018
Deployment to Empire of the Sun to deal with Kastigir.
Suffered severe mental trauma (See Psychological Files)

  • Operation 52: O.T.R. (R)

- 20th-22nd July 2018
Emergency deployment to deal with Hel and the Fenris weapon.
Suffered severe physical trauma

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