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Active Personnel

Name Rank Department Notes
Adam Jones Civilian Grade 1 Research
AJ Heaton Flight Lieutenant (OF-2) Technologies Head of Sciences Division
Andrew Sterling Lance Corporal (OR-3) Armoury
Callum Hunter Lieutenant (OF-1) Intelligence
Cameron McLeod Lance Corporal (OR-3) Internal Security
Daisy Nicols Corporal (OR-4) Internal Security
Damien Thane Civilian Grade 2 Intelligence
Daniel Haverlock Lance Corporal (OR-3) Internal Security
Daniel Sharpe Doctor (Ph.D) (CG-4) Psychological Operations Head of Psychological Operations
Elizabeth Kirby Civilian Grade 3 Inteligence Adjutant to the CO
Gemma Brodie Leading Rate (OR-4) Technologies
Hari Munroe Private (OR-2) Internal Security
Henry Sutherland Sub Lieutenant (OF-1) Technologies
Ian Anderson Detective Inspector (CG-3) Internal Security 2IC Security
Jack Lanstrom Doctor (Ph.D) (CG-4) Research Head of Research
Jack Mason Civilian Grade 4 Intelligence Head of Intelligence
Jack Nolan Corporal (OR-4) Internal Security
Jacob King Civilian Grade 1 Research
James Litton-Cressbrook Private (OR-2) Internal Security
James MacMillan Major (OF-3) Internal Security Head of Tactical Division
John Smith Doctor (Ph.D) (CG-4) External Affairs Director of External Affairs
Jonathan Talbot Lance Corporal (OR-3) Intelligence
Joseph Angel Private (OR-2) Internal Security
Katherine James Corporal (OR-4) Intelligence
Logan Hunt Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4) Command Expeditionary Force Commanding Officer
Lydia Dawson Lieutenant (OF-1) Intelligence 2IC of Intelligence
Malcolm Drake Lance Corporal (OR-3) Internal Security
Maria Kelly Doctor (CG-1) Medical
Matthew Gideon Doctor (CG-4) Medical Chief Medical Officer
Matthew Hayden Corporal (OR-4) Intelligence
Michael Royston Flying Officer (OF-2) Technologies Head of Technologies
Montmorency Caldfield Doctor (Ph.D) (CG-2) 2IC Research
Mortimer Grimm Lieutenant (OF-1) Internal Security
Nathaniel Jaffa Free Jaffa contingent Free Jaffa Liaison
Penn Spencer Civilian Grade 2 Intelligence
Rebecca Murphy Corporal (OR-4) Internal Security 2IC of the Marine detachment on the ACV Mother of Invention
Rob Lynch Corporal (OR-4) Intelligence
Robert Curtis Corporal (OR-4) Internal Security
Rowan Carter Doctor (Ph.D) (CG-1) Research
Scott Kaplan Major (OF-3) Intelligence Head of Operations Division
Set’ka Jaffa Free Jaffa contingent Aide to the Free Jaffa Liaison
Siobhan Ross Padre (CG-2) PPastoral Support Head of Pastoral Support
Susan Oakwood Private (OR-2) Internal Security
Tegan Bay Corporal (OR-4) Internal Security
Thomas Thorne Colonel (Retired) (CG-3) Technologies 2IC of Technologies
Tristan Graves Private (OR-2) Internal Security
Volkard Schwinghammer Sergeant (OR-6) Armoury 2IC of Armoury
William Johns Lt.Col. (Retired) (CG-4) Internal Security Chief of Security
Willow Winters Lieutenant (OF-1) Medical 2IC of Medical
Wyatt Lockhart Civilian (CG-4) Armoury Chief Armourer

Other Personnel

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