Prison planet mission

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Prison Planet

Location Prison Planet Objective

On the prison planet world a feature consisting of a pair of plinths or cairns with a circular metallic hoop running between them (see diagram) was investigated. Interesting features of this site were that the hoops did not make a full circle between the plinths but were interrupted at a point half way between them on either side, and the presence of a control panel inset in one of the plinths and a single red button in the other. As at this point the team appeared to be stranded on the planet, the DHD being inaccessible due to a force field surrounding it, an attempt was made to establish the function of the device by operating the controls. A view of the control panel (to the best of my recollection) is shown in the second diagram, along with the order in which the controls were operated.

I am confident of the layout of the numbered controls (i.e. the ones the team operated.) At the end of the numbered sequence shown the single red button on the other plinth was also operated. At this point the state of the field around the DHD was checked & it was found to be accessible. In view of the planets apparent use as a prison immediate evacuation seemed the sensible course, curtailing any further investigation.

I remain unconvinced that our operation of controls at the circle site was instrumental in lifting the force field on the DHD. The plan layout of the rings looks to me like a system which is designed to generate a field of some description between the two semicircular poles. I t makes no sense to me that the security of a prison planet could be so easily compromised by the experimental poking of a few buttons in an accessible, unguarded location.

I believe that the ring device, should we be able to gain access to it with a secure line of retreat, or should we come across one elsewhere, merits further investigation. It may be that it serves as a punishment device for the prisoners, though that seems unlikely to me, or possibly as another means of entering the world other than by using the gate.

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