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Full Name: Dr Rachel Anne Collingwood Department: Intelligence Status: Active Assignment: Base Commander Birthplace: West Sussex, UK Known Aliases/Nicknames: None Date of Last Examination: 14-10-2006 Next Examination Due: ASAP <quick consultation October 2006, No examination Bloods taken Dr Gordon> Purpose of Examination1): Routine Current Medications: Tamazepan 10mg as requiredDr Gordon Previous treatments(list all)2):

2006 Minor disorientation and nausea due to pain setting on a Go'auld ribbon device. \\

Known Allergies: Penicillin Pre-existing medical Conditions: Mild claustrophobia

Examination report3):

Rachel appears to be in a fine state of health, i have advised that she cuts down on the drinking and
takes more personal time where possible. previous reports show elevated LFTs and GammaGT with slightly
increased Trop T levels ? possible CHD condition, suggest monitor BP and Cholesterol levels 3 monthly
pending review of drinking habits <Dr Gordon>

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