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 Scientific Database - Stargate LRP

Scientific Database

From Stargate LRP

Technological Database

Earth Tech

Name Notes Qty in Storage
Naquadah Generator Portable power generator that utilises Naquadah. Requires appropriate training for safe use. Multiple
Portable Dialling Compuer (PDC)
Naquadah Detector Standard issue security device Multiple
Subspace Communications array Multiple
Earth Crystals Advanced processing systems Multiple
Laser Defense Grid Mothballed
CEMAT Chemically Enhanced Magnetically Accelerated Technology weaponry Multiple
Mars Class Spaceship Standard UNE Capital ship 1 assigned to SEF
Merchant Class Vessel Standard UNE Freighter 3 assigned to SEF
Phobos UNE Exo-Atmospheric Fighter 10 assigned to SEF
Deimos UNE Exo-Atmospheric Transport 5 assigned to SEF
BC-304 US designed Battlecruiser None assigned to SEF
F302 US designed Exo-atmospheric fighter None assigned to SEF

Alliance Tech

Name Origin Notes Qty in Storage
World-wide Wireless Energy System Elysians A global system of transmitting electricity wirelessly 0
Fabricators Galadeen Mass production facilities, similar in principle to a 3D printer. 0
Black Suits Galadeen Powered reactive armour. 0
Drones Galadeen AI controlled drones 0
Alliance Class Vessel The Alliance Medium sized spacecraft in common use by Alliance forces. None assigned to SEF
Mercury Class Grandine Standard GGC spaceship. None assigned to SEF

Goa'uld Tech

Name Notes Qty in Storage
Kara kesh aka the Hand Device or Ribbon Device. Requires clearance for use 3
Hara'kesh Ashrak Hand Device. Requires clearance for use 0
Goa'uld Crystal Multiple
sarcophagus 0
Healing Device Requires clearance for use 1
Zat'nik'tel Requires clearance for use Multiple
Staff weapon Requires clearance for use Multiple
Intar Non-lethal energy ammo Multiple
Goa'uld grenade & remote detonator Requires clearance for use Multiple
Death Glider Standard Goa'ul aircraft 5
Tel'tak Standard Goa'uld transport craft 15
Al'kesh Goa'uld long range bomber 0
Troop Transport Standard Goa'uld Troop carrier 0
Ha'tak Standard Goa'Uld capital ship 0

Ancient Tech

Name Notes Qty in Storage
Dial Home Device 1
Ancient healing device Sealed Under Dangerous Equipment 1
Sergei's Ancient Hand device Sealed Under Dangerous Equipment 1
Ancient Data Crystals filled by Sergei before he ascended
Zero Point Module Ancient Power cell that utilises subspace entropy 1 active
2 depleted
Puddle Jumper Damaged. In storage at Boscombe Down 1

Other Alien Tech

Name Origin Notes Qty in Storage
Terraformer Unknown 0
Hannan Weather Manipulation System Hannan 1
'Robbie' The Robot Silvalis The Robot encountered about the Silvalis ship. 0
Shield generator pyramids Unknown 4
Asgard Data Crystals Asgard Crystals containing data about Asgard scientific principles. Multiple
Nanobot samples from Lucky Sealed Under Dangerous Equipment 1ml
Bucket of Lava Asgard 1x Metal Bucket, containing a sample of molten Lava 1
Theil Pillars Theil 0
Theil Planetary Machines Theil 0
Sentinels Theil 0
HGC Beacon HGC Inter-Dimensional Beacon 0
Sun killer Unknown 0
Laser Drill Scrappers A mining laser, which has been converted into a weapon 1
'Moya' Silvalis The vessel that the Silvalis were aboard during the Diplomatic Exchange of January 2010, nicknamed 'Moya' by some SEF personnel. 0

Materials & Substances Database

Name Notes Qty in Storage
Black Goo / Pseudomatter

Research Database

Active Research Projects

Codename Project Manager Purpose Progress
Project Seymore Dr Lanstrom Develop Clean Energy System Phase 3 of 6
Project Dragon Mr Lockheart Reverse engineer an alien plasma pistol which was comparable with a heavy pistol but it powered by rechargeable power cells. Phase 1 of 4
Project Kerberos Dr Sharpe Create an experimental hyper advanced artificial Intelligence. This AI will eventually house 3 separate AI personalities in one large data centre. Phase 4 of 5

Completed Research Projects

Codename Project Manager Purpose
Project Syndicate Dr Lanstrom Work on the cure for the syndicate miners.

Research Projects On-Hold

Codename Project Manager Purpose Progress
Project Glinda Flt Lt Heaton Investigation into inter-universal technology

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