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[ Steven Daniels]

Full Name: Steven Daniels Department: Intelligence Rank: N/A Clearence: UKGC06 Status: Active Assignment: Head of Intelligence Birthplace: Liverpool Known Aliases/Nicknames: Azrael

Steven Daniels has an academic background in Meso-American Archaeology and Anthropology as well as Meso-American languages. Prior to joining the UK Stargate Programme he spent many years in South America. Steve is an accomplished diplomat and negotiator who has used his negotiating skills to overt many intergalactic as well as domestic incidents. Steve is currently a member of Lloyd George (LG-1) as well as being the current head Intelligence service for the UK Stargate Programme.

Four of the current members of LG-1 (Steve, Harry, Jason & Sophie) have all worked together as part of Project Darkmere. The team was then known as the Choir, the Choir all had code names based on angels. Steve's code name was Azrael.

Some say that he carries a firearm whose reciever contains metal that was used in the spear that was thrust into the heart of Jesus christ..

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