Tegan Bay

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Department Security Position Security Personnel Uk.jpg
Alias / AKA T. Status Active
Key Skills * Pistols
  • Advanced Pistols
  • Small Arms
  • Support Weapons
  • Expert Unarmed Combat
  • Basic Melee Weapons
  • Medic
  • Computing (8* rated)
  • Communications (6* rated)
Rank Corporal (OR-4) - Royal Navy

Biographical Information

Service History

BSc Computer Science (City, University of London)
Joined the Royal Navy. Trained as a Communications Expert
Promoted to Leading Seaman.
MSc Applied Military Communications (through Navy)
Passed selection for the Royal Marines, taking the rank of Private.
Promoted to Cpl. Trained as Information Exploitation Specialist 2007-2017
Various operations in Afghanistan, Phillipines and Iraq August 2017
Assigned to the SEF, Boscombe Security

SEF Deployments

  • Operation: S.E.

- 19th-21st January 2018
Diplomatic talks on Delphi Base. Not deployed with main force. Guarding duty for General Kincaid.

  • Operation: T.&.C.

- 11th-13th May 2018
Diplomatic talks with Empire of the Sun. Dealing with Dr. Kastigir.

Notable Activities

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