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Theil Pillars

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Theil Pillars

A Theil Pillar
Pillars are devices that were constructed by the Theil several millennia ago. They served as a method for ascended Theil to posses a physical body, or for their consciousness to return to their Subspace Realm.

Pillars that are found today are often damaged and unusable. However, an Active Pillar (indicated by a glow from the central crystal) can prove to be dangerous artefact. An active pillar may have some remnants of information from the Theil Realm, which can either provide a vast information dump, or completely burn out a person's mind.

Active Pillars should be approached with care, and avoid physically touching an active pillar.

All known Pillars are located within the Small Magellanic Cloud, which was the location of the Theil Protectorate.

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