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Pre 19th century

50-30 Million Years BC

The Ancients (the first evolution of Human beings) arrive in the Milky Way Galaxy. They colonise many worlds, and create the Stargate network.

10-5 Million Years BC

The Asgard first arrive in the Milky Way, during an exploration mission. They make contact with several races, including the Ancients, before departing for their home galaxy of Ida.

The Ancients depart the Milky Way galaxy, and travel to the Pegasus galaxy, after suffering a plague which nearly wipes out their race.

100,000 BC

Primitive Goa'uld evolve on P3X-888. As a small aquatic lifeform, they soon develop a parasitic relationship with other species on their planet, including the Unas.

Several parallel evolutions of Human beings first appear on various planets. These later evolve into Humans, the Grandine, and others.

40,000 BC

The Goa'uld rapidly form a thriving - albeit small – society, helped by their genetic memory. The species’ genetic memory accelerates their development at an exponential rate. In short order they discovered the Stargate and begin the exploration of other worlds to hunt and seek new hosts. Their rapid development and cutting of evolutionary corners dooms the Goa'uld into a parasitic existence forever accustomed to taking what they desire, with no thought or concern for other species.

20,000 BC

Petty squabbling among the Goa'uld eventually give way to new leadership headed by Apep, who brutally kills the warlord Atok in public fashion in full view of the other Goa'uld. Instead of claiming the forces of Atok for his own, Apep divides them equally among the strongest and solicits their stewardship. To his underlords, Apep uses them to secure the peace, ensuring that no one among them becomes too powerful.

Apep decrees his Underlords as his brothers and sisters in rulership, although he remains firmly in control. The underlords – Ra, Nut, Thoth and their servants Osiris, Isis, and Bastet – pledge their loyalty and, for a time, a single united leadership rules the Goa'uld. Thus united, the symbiotes sweep through the galaxy like a plague. The Goa'uld discover abandoned Ancient technology, which helps to cement their domain.

This marks the founding of the Goa'uld Empire.

18,000 BC

The Goa'uld, Thoth is able to create the first rudimentary Sarcophagus by reworking technology of the Ancients. The device is primitive and powerful, able to sustain an Unas host for several generations. The device, however, exerted a terrible psychological toll on the Goa'uld larval, as the sarcophagus introduced the mineral Naquadah to the larva's bloodstream and the Goa'uld queen are unable to prevent its transference to future Goa'uld larva.

17,000 BC

Determined to rule the Goa'uld, Anubis made his bid for power. Before the other Goa'uld, he forcibly removed Apep's symbiote and devoured it, declaring himself Emperor. Betrayed, the other Goa'uld banded their forces together to defeat Anubis. The battles raged for a hundred years, entire star systems were destroyed and legions of Unas fell in the crossfire. The Goa'uld themselves were nearly eliminated, but eventually defeated Anubis and destroyed his forces. Captured, the Lord of the Dead was banished by the remaining symbiotes.

Ra instituted himself as ruler of the Goa'uld, again taking on the leadership structure originally formed by Apep. For his part, Thoth is also banished, although his understudy, Telchak remained. Bastet is rewarded for her help against Anubis. Osiris and Isis joined the ranks of the Goa'uld Underlords as well.

16,000 BC

Ra appointed a new hierarchy of rulers to aid in the governing of the Goa'uld. By once again dividing the spoils of several millennia of conquest, Ra created a cadre of System Lords. Membership to the body was by vote of the existing members and afforded many benefits, including access to Unas hosts in order to maintain armies. In this act, Ra created the power structure that served the Goa'uld through to present day, and anoints Egeria as his Queen. Ra takes other queens, such as Hathor, during his long rule.

Osiris, Isis, Tiamat, and Yu join the ranks of the System Lords. Minor Underlords include Ba'al, Heru'ur and Setesh.

10,000 BC

The Ancients, fleeing a war in the Pegasus galaxy, return to the Milky Way to find that the native peoples on Earth are quite primitive, preventing them from ever rebuilding their great civilisation; the Ancients then spread out some living out the rest of their lives with the native peoples, others making there way to the Stargate in Antarctica and some ascending.

The Ancients on Earth go on to influence the language and mythology of Ancient Rome and the myths of Greece; their research on ascension forms the basis of Buddhism. Many Ancients continue to use the Stargate Network, and form an Alliance of Four Great Races, with the Nox, the Asgard, and the Furlings. This unified Alliance lasts for centuries.

The Asgard, a one-time ally of the Ancients, declare themselves enemies of the Goa'uld System Lords. The Goa'uld relish the opportunity to once again flex their muscles, but it soon becomes apparent that the Asgard are more than a match, leaving the System Lords to retreat and lick their wounds.

Their resources running low, the System Lords launch a darling attack against the Asgard and Furlings – two longstanding allies. The Goa'uld strike with surprise and land a crushing blow, but in the years that follow, their enemies fight back with vengeance. The Asgard deal the parasites several major setbacks, but do not press the attack, not fully realising the danger that the Goa'uld pose to their galaxy and others.

9177 BC

Ra, badly injured, flees Asgard pursuers into an alien system. There he finds a lush world inhabited by a large population of primitives that bow to his divinity. The world – Earth – contains a vast number of natives that are suitable for blending. Transferring his symbiote into an Egyptian boy, Ra is infused with new vigor and life. Ra quickly determines that humans provide a near ideal host for the Goa'uld. Using a Stargate brought with him, Ra claims the world of the Tau'ri as his own.

Ra institutes a ritual of stewardship, allowing each System Lord to visit the Tau'ri world and claim followers, who are then taken to a world of the Goa'uld choice and used as breeding stock. In order to maximize the number of potential slaves, the power of the Goa'uld overlords are expanded, placing them in charge of the entire breeding worlds, such as Chulak.

Ra divides the Earth by strict geographical lines, ensuring that no Lord encroaches upon another territory. A significant number of Goa'uld rise to power during this time and are chronicled in the mythology and history of the Tau'ri.

The Goa'uld use the Tau'ri as a template to create the ultimate host called the Jaffa, who serve as incubators for the Goa'uld larva. In order to ensure their loyalty, the parasite serves as the Jaffa's immune system and will die without the symbiote.

Telchak perfects the original Sarcophagus design created by Thoth for use on humans. The results are more effective than anyone would believe, providing near immortality to the System Lords. The negative side effects are lessened even further, making repeat use benign to a symbiote. Even the dead can be brought back to life. Telchak hides the original Ancient device on Earth but keeps his notes in the Book of Thoth.

Setesh (Seth), Osiris and Isis unsuccessfully attempt to assassinate Ra. Ra strips them of their status as System Lords and condemns them to an eternity of suffering. Both are forcibly removed from their hosts and placed in canopic jars. Setesh however, goes into hiding.

8000 BC

The last remaining Ancients either die out or ascend.

2995 BC

The Tau'ri learn the truth of their rulers. In a moment when the System Lords are at their most complacent, they overthrow their Jaffa warriors, killing several Goa'uld, and bury the Egyptian Stargate. The second Goa'uld Stargate is hidden away by a group of Goa'uld who have managed to remain hidden on Earth.

While the loss of the Tau'ri is a great affront to Ra, the continuing battle with the Asgard demands his attention again. With numerous breeding worlds throughout known space available to them, the Goa'uld are unconcerned with the Tau'ri and resolve to deal with the problem when it is convenient to do so. As time goes on however, the Tau'ri are slowly forgotten.

1 AD

The Queen Egeria spawns the Tok'ra, a group of symbiotes opposed to the ways of the System Lords. Ra captures her, and sentences her to "eternal damnation" in a stasis jar.

Hathor, the Queen of Ra, is placed in a Sarcophagus in Mexico.

1000 AD

Anubis and Telchak battled over the Ancient healing device known as the Telchak Device, from which Telchak had designed the Sarcophagus. Anubis won the battle, but he did not find the Device. Telchak had hidden it in one of his temples in Central America, in modern-day Honduras.

Anubis is banished from the Goa'uld Empire for what the System Lords deem to be "unspeakable crimes".

The Asgard became physically incapable of achieving cell division through meiosis (sexual reproduction). Reproduction after this point was achieved exclusively through a process of enhanced cellular mitosis (cloning).

1200 AD

As with the rule of the Goa'uld elsewhere in the planet, the human population finally revoleted against the rule of the Goa'uld Math ap Mathonwy (one of the many Ancient British Kings we now believe to have been a Goa'uld). Culminating in the end of Goa'uld rule in the British Isles and the burying of the Stargate beneath Stonehenge.

19th Century

The Stonehenge Stargate was re-discovered in the 1800’s by a team of archaeologists working on Salisbury plain. Notes exist in the records of commentaries by Charles Babbage (1791–1871) and Mary Fairfax Somerville (1780-1872), both commenting on the astronomical permutations possible with this ‘calendar’ device. With more glorious treasures of Egypt to attend to, the unintelligible and unworkable 'calendar' failed to attract much interest; and revolutions in Palaeontology eclipsed its importance as a find.

Widespread interest in electricity led to a series of abortive experiments on the Stargate later in the century, tough some success must have been met as a more concerted experiment was conducted in the basement of the British museum some time during the rule of Queen Victoria. Much of the information from this period is missing or has been deliberately destroyed and the outcome of the experiment was unknown until the discovery of the Victorian colony of Inner Britannia.

The Occult school still believed the Gate was alchemical, the religious lobby considered it to be demonic, and the scientists considered it a complex fraud. With the results of the experiment largely unknown, the gate earned the moniker “Hob’s Gate” shortly after. All parties involved ultimately concluded that whatever the gate was, it was too dangerous to be experimented with, and it was sealed away in the British Museum.

20th Century



The German financed Langford Expedition discovered the Egyptian Stargate on the Giza plateau in 1928. The gate, along with several other artefacts recovered from the area including the fossilised remains of several Jaffa, was transported back to Germany where it would remain until the Second World War.


Nothing more was heard or said of Hob’s Gate until the 1930’s, when rumours of its existence reached the ears of Oxford undergraduate, Basil Cauley. He was writing a thesis on the neglect of British history, and he referred to 'Hob’s Gate' as a prime example of how Britain was ignoring its purer history. Cauley had a lot of money, and a sympathy for Nazi ideology, he managed to bribe the right people, and get the Stargate out of storage at the British museum. He concentrated on Hob’s Gate in his Master’s thesis, and had the device shipped to his house close to Oxford.

This later work, drawing heavily on the Atlantis myth, was the first British work to suppose an extra-terrestrial origin for the gate. Cauley’s political leanings bought him and his thesis to the attention of the intelligence community. No one knows what happened to Cauley, but Babbage’s notes provided enough evidence to have the Hob’s Gate shipped to Bletchley Park under a veil of extreme secrecy. There it remained for many years, subject to fruitless research and scrutiny. When Bletchley was closed, the Gate went into cold storage at GCHQ.


Having been held by the SS Ahnenerbe during the Second World War, the Egyptian Stargate is believed to have been recovered by the American Army during the invasion of Germany. It is unknown whether the Americans or the Germans ever performed experiments during the 1940's, but the Gate went into storage in America shortly after.



The US Air Force begins active research into the Stargate, after moving it to Cheyenne mountain. Dr Catherine Langford leads the project, with help from air force and civilian personnel.


Dr Daniel Jackson is brought onto the Stargate Project, and is successful in figuring out the final sequence of glyphs used to activate the Stargate. A team travels to Abydos through Earth's Stargate. Ra, the Supreme System Lord of the Goa'uld Empire, is killed by Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson after they ring a nuclear bomb onto Ra's ship with the explosion destroying the ship and killing Ra.

The System Lords begin a power struggle to replace Ra as the dominant System Lord.

Human cultures encountered: Abydosians

Alien races encountered: Jaffa, Goa'uld

Goa'uld encountered: Ra


The UK Intelligence Services, monitoring the activities of their transatlantic allies, noticed the influx of discredited academics into the US department suspected of having the Egyptian Gate. With the intent of confirming the stories, the Intelligence Services brought in experts to study the Stonehenge Gate.

After Ra's death the previous year, Apophis, Cronus, Ba'al, and Heru'ur emerge as the dominant System Lords.

February: The Goa'uld System Lord Apophis finds a secret cache of Stargate addresses left by Ra, and begins a systematic sweep of forgotten worlds, seeking new treasures and potential hosts for his Queen, Amaunet. One of these planets includes the Tau'ri Stargate on Earth where Apophis sent a small serpent attack force through.

The Charter of the SGC is signed by the President of the United States on February 22, founding Stargate Command. It's standing orders include acquiring weapons or technology that could help Earth in the fight against the Goa'uld whilst establishing alliances with the people of other worlds.

Over the course of the year, the SGC are successful in making contact with multiple other planets. They discover several different types of new technologies, both beneficial and harmful, and also discover the threat that the Goa'uld pose to humanity. Their initial conflicts are against the System Lord Apophis, but other Goa'uld are encountered, such as Hathor. The defection of Teal'c, the First Prime of Apophis, begins the first steps of the Jaffa Rebellion, and eventually the Free Jaffa nation.

Human cultures encountered: Chalcis, Shavadai, The Land of the Light, Argosians, Avnilians, Cimmerians.

Alien races encountered: Nox, Unity, Ohnes

Goa'uld encountered: Apophis, Amaunet, Hathor, Klorel


Over the course of this year, the SGC discovers the Antarctic Stargate, left behind by the Ancients. The SGC also confirms the existence of parallel universes, after discovering a device known as the "Quantum Mirror". Apophis launches an attack against Earth, but the attack is thwarted by the SGC. Other threats are encountered, such as Black Holes, mutating insects and US black operations (such as the NID). The SGC also makes first contact with the Tok'Ra and the Asgard, which opens the way for new alliances.

Human cultures encountered: Byrsa, Tollans, Volsinii, Nasyans, Hadant, Terellans, Salish, Madronans

Alien races encountered: Asgard, Tok'ra

Goa'uld encountered: Heru'ur


The first 'gate address' found by the UK was found by an expert that pointed out that the structure of Stonehenge was in fact a gate address. These first co-ordinates led to an abandoned, stone age landscape where numerous stone circles offered up numerous coordinates. From this information the first iteration of the British Stargate programme was born. In the interests of preventing American intervention the Intelligence Community chose to conceal this original project from the Americans.

An incident was, however, inevitable. Eventually, US and the British forces found themselves facing off on an alien planet. An executive arrangement between the respective base commanders kept this fact off the radar of their respective administrations.

The SGC continues to make strides in exploration and technology, they further their alliances with the Asgard and the Tok'ra, whilst dealing several blows to the Goa'uld. They also discover how Solar Flares can affect gate travel (by inadvertently time-travelling).

Human cultures encountered: Orbanians, Vyans

Alien races encountered: Reetou, Ilempiri, Unas, Stragoth

Goa'uld encountered: Sokar, Satesh, Cronus, Nirrti, Yu, Brnarr

21st Century



The SGC helps to shut down a rogue NID operation, and continue their fight against the Goa'uld. They also encounter an Ascended being for the first time. More dangers of fighting the Goa'uld are discovered (such as brainwashing techniques). The Russian Military manages to recover a Stargate from a crashed Asgard ship, and operate a short lived Stargate programme. The SGC also produces their first alien-earth hybrid craft, the X-301.

Human cultures encountered: Edorans, Bedrosian, Eurondans, Enkarans

Alien races encountered: Omeyocan, Replicators, Gadmeer

Goa'uld encountered: Tanith, Osiris, Terok


The SGC Continues to grow in ability and strength. They continue to fight against the Goa'uld, and make more technological strides. However, as the SGC grows, knowledge about the Stargate program spreads, and draws the attention of unscrupulous individuals on Earth.

Human cultures encountered: K'Tau, Volians, Aschen,

Alien races encountered: Reol

Goa'uld encountered: Marduk


The SGC continue to make contact with new human cultures, develop new technologies (such as the F-302 and X-303). The System Lord Anubis gains power over the rest of the System Lords, and launches several subtle attacks on Earth. Dr Daniel Jackson dies due to radiation poisoning, but is able to Ascend with the help of an Ancient. The Jaffa Rebellion grows in strength and starts to push back against Goa'uld dominance.

Human cultures encountered: Latonans, Langarans, Kelownans, Pangarans

Goa'uld encountered: Anubis, Ba'al, Zipacna, Olokun, Kali, Bastet, Morrigan, Svarog,Sobek, Imhotep


Under the auspice of the Intelligence Services, the United Kingdom Gate Command (UKGC) evolved from the early Stargate programme was placed in direct control of British off-world interests. With the Stargate programme fully activated in 2003 the UKGC made many of the first British steps into the Galaxy at large, encountering the still-dominant Goa'uld Empire, and many other factions.

The US Government discloses the existence of the Stargate Program to select members of the UN Security Council. Control of the US Stargate program remains in the hands of the SGC for the time being. Anubis continues to gain power and destroys Abydos, and begins to create an army of Super Soldiers. Dr Daniel Jackson is de-ascended for attempting to interfere with Anubis' plans by other Ascended beings.

Human cultures encountered: Hebridans, Tagreans, Nomads of Vis Uban, Talthuns

Alien races encountered: Serrakin

Goa'uld encountered: Mot, Tilgath, Ramius, Thoth


Anubis sends a fleet to attack Earth, which is stopped by a combined fleet of ships from Earth and her allies. The SGC discovers the existence of an Ancient Outpost (Atlantis) in another Galaxy (Pegasus) and sends an expedition. The expedition encounters several new races and threats, but are isolated from Earth. Eventually, Ba'al forms an alliance of system lords to oppose Anubis, who is eventually defeated and killed.

Human cultures encountered: Tegalans

Goa'uld encountered: Camulus, Moloc, Sekhmet

2005 UKGC/05/Delta.01 UKGC/05/Delta.02

The UKGC reformed several exploration teams and began a new series of offworld missions. These missions often brought the UKGC in conflict with the Goa'uld, but also brought new improvements in the understanding of scientific principles, and new allies for Earth.

Human cultures encountered: Sodan, GGR

Alien races encountered: Nanite Cyborgs

Goa'uld encountered: Nerus

2006 UKGC/06/Delta.03 UKGC/06/Delta.04 UKGC/06/Delta.05

A Goa'uld by the name of Tezcatlipoca launched a device into the Sun with the intention of causing an artificial supernova. The UKGC managed to thwart these plans, however, a series of intense solar flares and radiation storms resulted from the use of the device.

The solar activity caused widespread electrical and communication disruption across the globe, along with unusually warm weather causing widespread drought and storms. Eventually the atmospheric disturbances and weather issues were brought under control by the recovery of a Weather Control and Terraforming system built by the Ancients and recovered by the UKGC.

Human cultures encountered: Sem,

Alien races encountered: Caluu

Goa'uld encountered: Tezcatlipoca,

2007 UKGC/07/Delta.06 UKGC/07/Delta.07 UKGC/07/Delta.08 UKGC/07/Delta.09

In 2007 breaches of security with the command structure of the UKGC led to the Intelligence community being replaced as the controlling influence of the program by the Military. In line with the change of command, the program was given a new designation; Stargate Expeditionary Force. SEF for short.

Since the SEF was established, Homeworld Defence has expanded to include the new RAF Space Fleet facilities at MOD Boscombe Down taking command of the limited vessels produced by Britain.

Human cultures encountered:

Alien races encountered: Grandine

Goa'uld encountered:

2008 UKGC/08/Echo.10 SEF/08/Delta.11 SEF/08/Delta.12 SEF/08/Delta.13

Human cultures encountered:

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered:

2009 SEF/09/Echo.14 SEF/09/Delta.15 SEF/09/Delta.16 SEF/09/Delta.17

Human cultures encountered: Inner Britannians

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered: Inanna


2010 SEF/10/Echo.18 SEF/10/Delta.19 SEF/10/Delta.20 SEF/10/Delta.21

Human cultures encountered: Elysians

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered:

2011 SEF/11/Echo.22 SEF/11/Delta.23 SEF/11/Delta.24 SEF/11/Delta.25

In 2011 infiltration of the American SGC by enemy forces forced American gate operations to be suspended and responsibility transferred to the SEF for all Earths off-world activity.

Human cultures encountered:

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered:

2012 SEF/12/Echo.26 SEF/12/Delta.27 SEF/12/Delta.28 SEF/12/Delta.29

Human cultures encountered:

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered:

2013 SEF/13/Echo.30 SEF/13/Delta.31 SEF/13/Delta.32 SEF/13/Delta.33

When the American Gate was sealed in 2013 the decision was taken to transfer all remaining resources under the command of Homeworld Defence in Britain, rather than continuing to divide resources.

Human cultures encountered:

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered:

2014 SEF/14/Echo.34 SEF/14/Delta.35 SEF/14/Delta.36 SEF/14/Delta.37

In May of 2014, a fleet of Aethernaut ships, under the influence of Dagon, attacked Earth. A former member of the SEF (Dr Carter) who had Ascended some years prior, raised a shield around the Earth to keep the fleet at bat, and teleported many members of the SEF to distant worlds to keep them safe.

For the rest of 2014 and part of 2015, the SEF regrouped and devised a plan to save the Earth before the shield collapsed.

On Earth, Nicaragua and Iran were obliterated by Aethernaut capital weapons after nuclear weapons were launched. Battles occurred over many parts of the world, leaving destruction and devastation in their wake.

Human cultures encountered:

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered:

2015 SEF/15/Echo.38 SEF/15/Delta.39 SEF/15/Delta.40 SEF/15/Delta.41

The members of the SEF who were sent off-world had managed to help form an Alliance to help stop the Aethernaut threat. The alliance consisted of Earth, the GGR, the GGC, and the Free Jaffa.

In May of 2015, the SEF and The Alliance returned to Earth. During this time, a battle between the US and the Aethernauts caused several capital ships to crash into the North Atlantic causing a tsunami which hit Newfoundland, Greenland and Iceland and then the western coast of Ireland.

As the Carter Shield fell, a great burst of energy was seen emanating from near the coast of Ireland, and the war was over.

Human cultures encountered:

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered:

2016 SEF/16/Echo.42 SEF/16/Delta.43 SEF/16/Delta.44 SEF/16/Delta.45

In September of 2016, Thomas Lanfear MP was elected to the position of Prime Minister, following the resignation of the incumbent Prime Minister.

Human cultures encountered:

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered:

2017 SEF/17/Echo.46 SEF/17/Delta.47 SEF/17/Delta.48 SEF/17/Delta.49

During an escalating crisis in the South China Sea, several ships were lost. As political channels collapsed, the UK helped to establish a new intergovernmental organisation called the United Nations of Earth (UNE). The UNE was instrumental in preventing a further escalation of the conflict after utilising advanced technology to destroy several missiles in-flight.

Following this, the United Nations disbanded and the majority of member states joined the UNE in order to help build a lasting peace on Earth, and begin trading with other planets.

Human cultures encountered:

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered:

2018 SEF/18/Echo.50 SEF/18/Delta.51 SEF/18/Delta.52 SEF/18/Delta.53 SEF/18/Delta.54

In January 2018, the UNE officially opened it’s first spaceport and observatory facilities on the surface of the Moon. Delphi Base operates as a facility for all members of the UNE, and was constructed with help from SEF personnel.

In July, 40 Mercury Class ships appeared in orbit over Grandine and destroyed the flagship of the GGC fleet, the White Lion. Following the attack and subsequent uncovering of evidence that these ships were of Galadeen origin, the GGC arrested Galadeen Prime Charon, who was visiting Grandine at the time on a diplomatic missions.

Human cultures encountered:

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered:

2019 SEF/19/Delta.55 SEF/19/Delta.56 SEF/19/Delta.57

In May of 2019, the Galadeen declared war on Earth. This war was being instigated by the Kuma-ai who had infiltrated into Galadeen society over the last decade. The war lasted until August of 2019, during which time MOD Corsham was overrun by Kuma-ai forces, until the SEF managed to reclaim the base and prevent the underground complex from being destroyed by the self destruct system.

Human cultures encountered:

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered:


2020 Mission 1 Mission 2 Mission 3 Mission 4

Human cultures encountered:

Alien races encountered:

Goa'uld encountered:

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